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The voices in my head don't think they're imaginary

*yes, we do.*

M.K. Hobson
21 January
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I am a fiction writer whose work has appeared in SCI FICTION, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Realms of Fantasy, Strange Horizons, Black Static (formerly The Third Alternative), ChiZine, Polyphony (5 & 6), Abyss and Apex, Full Unit Hookup, Flytrap, Shimmer, Talebones, Postscripts, Prime Books' DIGITAL DOMAINS anthology, Tor Books' HAUNTED LEGENDS anthology, and other fine publications.

My first novel, THE NATIVE STAR was released from Bantam Spectra on August 31, 2010 and was nominated for a Nebula Award. The sequel, THE HIDDEN GODDESS was released in 2011, and the third book, THE WARLOCK'S CURSE came out in 2012. The fourth book in the series, THE UNSTEADY EARTH, is scheduled to come out in 2013.

Visit my Website to learn more.

Copyright 2013 M.K. Hobson. All Rights Reserved. Contents of this journal may not be reproduced without permission.

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