March 27th, 2013

The future of this LiveJournal account

I don't even know if I have anyone who watches this LiveJournal account anymore, but if you do, you can clearly see that I haven't been keeping it up. For a while I had it set to crosspost from my main blog ( but for some reason, due to some bizarre CDN setting that I probably screwed up while in a drunken fog, the images either didn't port over right, or did, and then later got screwed up ... I have no idea. No interest in troubleshooting that dumb little bug. So forget it.

Which leaves me with this LiveJournal account that I haven't much use for. But then, it's a permanent account, which I paid like $150 or some ungodly amount for many, many years ago. So I wonder what I should do with it. Maybe I'll use LiveJournal as my SUPER SECRET HIDEOUT where I can post all sorts of secret stuff. Do they still let you change your username on LiveJournal? I wonder if I could go back to my original username. It would be like the circle unbroken and all that.

Ah, LiveJournal. We've seen so much, you and I. This is like a trip down memory lane. There's a beautiful simplicity to LiveJournal that I'd forgotten.
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